Perfectly Flawed (Contemporary Young Adult)

Sixteen-year-old, Annley Foster, is fed up with perfect. Her rigid mother expects life to go according to her plan, or else. Having an older sister with a killer GPA, perfect looks, and friends that aren’t selective mutes makes for harsh competition. And her grade school crush, Kyle Garrett—the absolute epitome of perfection—won’t even give her the time of day. Kyle’s definitely worth perusing, though, and with Annley starting her freshmen year, she’ll do anything to make him notice her.

Until a rowdy senior party out by the lake changes her perspective forever. Determined to prove she’s worthy of meshing with the in crowd, Annley agrees to a dare that has her jumping off a cliff into icy lake water, hands tied with a rope, with none other than Kyle Garrett to save her. Only he doesn’t exactly follow through, instead, committing an act so unforgivable that Annley’s left questioning what she ever saw in Kyle. Things only get worse when Annley makes it back to the party and finds her sister being rushed off to the hospital.

With a sister in a coma, a mother shutting down, and a sexual predator roaming the halls at school, Annley just wants to drift away. From her family, her weird friends, and herself. It’s what her mother has always done—avoid imperfections. But sometimes running from problems isn’t always easy, especially with her sister’s boyfriend, Jeremy, around—a boy with a grieving heart and secrets of his own. Their long drives through town, telling truths and discovering flaws about each other, may be just what Annley needs to accept herself.   As she ventures out of her hole, Annley finds strength to face the monster that almost claimed her innocence, seek the truth about the virus that has her sister in a coma, and realize perfect isn’t so perfect without flaws.

Bonded (Paranormal Romance)

Virginity.  It felt like a sin—like I was Hester in The Scarlet Letter, except I trudged around with a V on my chest, given to me for one reason.   Leyton Bradford.

For sixteen-year-old Kenna Bailey, going out with the most magnetically attractive boy at school isn’t the problem.  Deciding whether to have sex with him is.  Lately Ley’s been pushing Kenna to take their relationship to the next level.  But something about Ley’s shadowed past has Kenna struggling to commit. 

Then there’s Eli, the beautiful boy from next door who’s following her, and appears to know her every thought– at least when he isn’t disappearing.  He’s not only stunning, he seems to be the only one that can protect Kenna from the dark eyes that’s haunting her, and the only one Ley has a clear grudge against.  The more Eli comes around, the pushier Ley gets with Kenna.  And just when Kenna starts to fall for Eli, she finds herself part of an ancient battle between angels and demons, a curse that is destined to keep her and Eli apart, and a love so deep it may cause Eli to make the ultimate sacrifice…eternity in hell.

Determined to be with Eli, Kenna must navigate two worlds.  In the center of it all is Ley with a dark secret of his own.  He’s hell-bent on keeping her.  And the simple fact is, all she truly wants is Eli to become human, even if it costs Kenna her soul.  

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